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About Us

The Central Mosque of Brent is an all-purpose, multi-level mosque that aims to serve the religious, spiritual and societal needs of the larger Brent community. The Mosque Committee was formed in 1973 with the ethos that the young generation needed basic Islamic and religious education and awareness in their own customs and cultures, which were in danger of being lost over time.


Thus, with a huge local public effort, a house was purchased in 1976 at 44 Keyes Road, London NW2 which was renovated by the local community and educational classes commenced in the latter part of 1976 under the auspiciousness of a newly appointed Imaam Molana Khawaja Bashir Ahmad. 

old image of the mosque

44 Keyes Road, the site of the original Brent masjid designed to serve the needs of the community.

After a short while, the modest dwelling in north-west London was not large enough to accommodate the needs of the growing Muslim population, with Friday congregations filling up every plot of land, both inside and outside of the converted house. The decision was made by the Mosque Committee to seek a larger location for the new mosque – one where the religious ambitions of the community could be fully realised.

After close consideration, it was decided that the current site on Lennon Road would be the must suitable for the community, being situated in the heart of Willesden and easily reachable via public transport. Thus, the first phase of construction began in 1988, led by Mosque Architect M A Khan.

when mosque was under construction
when mosque was under construction

Some images of the original construction of one side of the current Mosque, present until this day.

architect and contractor

Mosque architect M A Khan and a private contractor by the name of Mr Kane present on site for Phase I of the Mosque's construction.

inauguration ceremony

Inauguration ceremony - Phase II

In the presence of Haji Raja Mohammad Riaz (Chairman), Brother Haji Yusuf Islam

(Chief Guest), Qari Molana Nazir Ahmad (Imaam), MZ Iqbal (Treasurer),

Haji Khan Abdul Sittar and Cllr Pervez Ahmed, Dr AA Riaz & Mohammad Khan.

Today, the Mosque is a thriving place of religious, spiritual and social activity (alhamdulilah – all Praise and Thanks belongs to Allah)We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoin together in goodness and within the presence of God. 


We have plans to further utilise the car park outside the Mosque in order to benefit the community. For more information regarding these proposals, please click here.

For a list of our trustees and imams, please click here.

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